Eric Angeloch-About

Born in Woodstock, New York to a family of artists, Eric Angeloch studied at the Arts Students League of New York Summer School, The Art Students League in New York City on full scholarship and at the Woodstock School of Art where he has been an instructor of Painting & Drawing For Everyone for the past twenty-four years. His work has been exhibited and collected internationally.


"His small-scale landscapes, painted mainly from memory, are jewel-like and timeless, and possess a sense of detail and warmth missing from so many other contemporary landscape painters."
Peter Occhiogrosso,
Hudson River Museum & Gallery Guide

" Eric Angeloch, is arguably the most accomplished landscape painter of the moment. His is a style reminiscent of 17th century Dutch painting at its best. And yet is somehow very modern in its precision and clean—almost hushed-—commentary on the pace of modern life. They capture a strange stillness, be it in Cape Cod marshes or a Catskill field. Look at the paintings and see what's quietly said in each piece he's pulled together through his idiosyncratic mix of memory and acute observation. The same as the best fiction. And non-fiction. Eric Angeloch's hitting the truth once more, as only a deepening, truly great artist can."
Paul Smart,
Woodstock Times

"The art of landscape painting is alive and well - and hardly more competently handled than in this exhibit of paintings by Eric Angeloch.
…in the sparest of canvas area, Angeloch carries the illusion of great distance and limitless space, sharing with us a view of nature that, at the same time, is both intimate and vaguely measureless. He accomplishes this sleight-of-hand through meticulously limned details in the foreground and a subtle use of aerial perspective that causes the viewer to feel very much "in" the foreground of the picture while gazing off into an indistinct distance….what more can we ask of an artist than that he make us think? Eric Angeloch's new paintings do that and then some. You ought not miss spending some time to share in his vision."
Raymond J. Steiner,
Art Times

"Angeloch's major new work, a twelve panel panorama of Cooper Lake, stays with the familiar topography but treats it more deeply than the eye is accustomed to reach. The paintings are as much about what he feels when he views the site as what he sees…the mood casting effect elicits an impression of one of those rare placid mornings which offer a hint of ominousity at the edge of that soul-calming "gulp" for the beauty of nature. It means to reach into mood and achieves that point…it captures a sense of the scene in the way that the master landscape painter John F. Carlson defined it " By the landscape sense I mean something apart from beauty, or color relation, or form relation. I mean the "float" of a cloud…"
Gary Alexander,
The Kingston Freeman

"Eric Angeloch, known for his superbly rendered, evocative, moody landscapes, focuses on the cusp of light and dark—his days leaning towards sunset or sunrise, his nights illuminated by pale moonlight or the last rays of a sun already slipped below the horizon. He paints from memory and imagination, relying on an exquisite sensitivity to nature combined with considerable powers of observation."
Sue Stovall,
The Catskill Mountain Region Guide