Dudley Summers Figures

DUDLEY SUMMERS (1892-1975)



Both in his commercial work and for his own pleasure, Dudley drew the figure. It was a practice he never gave up. Above is one such sketch.

Little of his work survives. When I was a teenager i expressed an interest in my family's visual heritage and my mother gave me a zippered portfolio of Dudley's drawings. Mostly nudes. While many of them were drawn on tracing paper, other substrates were used on ocassion. Regardless of the surface, his mark is evident throughout.
Pauline, Dudley's wife, modeled for him frequently, most often in costume to aid his illustrative pursuits. My understanding is that the picture above, on the far right, depicts Pauline wearing high heeled shoes but otherwise unencumbered.
Incidentally, Dudley made a rather good living—they employed a maid named Minnie. According to my mother, Nancy, Minnie would pose at any time for "PoppaDud". The picture of Minnie (the first of the nudes, above) is the only one that exists to my knowledge.


Other work coming soon.